Once you receive reseller partner credentials, you can instantly download SiTime datasheets as Microsoft Word files. Our online repository will give you quick access editable Word files so they can be customized to meet your company branding guidelines.

SiTime’s datasheets contain robust technical and application information. For example, SiTime datasheets explain the differences between various operating modes such as OE (output enabled) compared to standby and NC. We provide detailed information on rise/fall time and drive strength options, and provide performance plots for key specifications such as stability vs. frequency. Because SiTime products are programmable, each datasheet covers the range of operational frequencies offered by each base part.

Click on the parts below to view available SiTime datasheets that will be made available to you.

Low Power, Ultra Small 1 kHz to 2 MHz Products

µPower MHz Oscillators

Low Power MHz Oscillators

Low Power SOT23-5 MHz Oscillators High Performance Oscillators


Low-Jitter Differential MHz Oscillators


Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCXOs)

Spread Spectrum Oscillators

High Temperature MHz Oscillators

High Temperature SOT23-5 MHz Oscillators

AEC-Q100 Automotive Oscillators

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